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    Are you looking to improve your health and feel better.
    Finola is a practising Kinesiologist and Yoga instructor with 15 years experience in healing the body naturally.
    Detoxifying your body means to clean up your food, habits and behaviours.
    We work together in indulging in positive mind set and achieving goals every week.
    Step by step you see you life changing, your energy improving and being motivated to continue on your journey.

  • About Finola

    Finola is a Systematic Kinesiologist, Yoga Instructor, very experienced in Energy Healing and Shamanic Practices. Through a self healing journey discovered many ways to heal the body, a journey which started in Ireland, then to Canada, Peru, Bolivia, Lithuania, India, China, Majorca, UK, Russia and America. Meeting many Healers and Masters of Ceremony, connecting to the Divine. Living our best life and being joyful in everyday - Helping each other raise to our fullest Potential