Welcome to Finola's world of Yoga, Alternative Healing and Travel. Once an Interior Architect and a backpacker, later studied in Alternative health due to my own issues with chronic fatigue and lyme illness.

I was fortunate to have found Kinesiology and it helped me to improve my health and get the answers I required to get me back up on my feet again.

In Canada, I learned Energy Healing, basic naturopathy and delved deep in metaphysics and how our mind and body is connected. Yoga was a major element in my recovery journey, mainly hot room yoga and healing hatha style. Becoming a yoga instructor in Sivananda Hatha style in 2013 whilst training in Systematic Kinesiology and shamanic practices.

As this type of learning was benefiting my body, I travelled far and wide to find the best Kinesiologists with their own perfected techniques to get the answers I was looking for. I've trained with bio-chemists, ostheopaths, chiropractors, a neurologist, a surgeon and many other incredibly gifted practitioners.

On my travels home from the Bahamas for advanced Yoga teacher training I stopped by one of the father of Kinesiology in Tuscon Arizona and it made my world complete. Super impressed with Sheldon Deal's way of viewing the body and superb techniques beyond the scope of anything else on the planet. Huge respect, thanks Sheldon.

I have travelled to Peru, Bolivia, India, America, Canada, Russia, China, Uk and Europe in search of answers to heal my wounds and heal my body. Have met incredibly beings and learned enormous amounts of how th body works and how spiritually we are all interconnected.

In recent years, my focus has been on yoga and have been in continuous training for several years. I teach hatha style however trained in Yin, Aerial, Vinyasa and Ashtanga styles with Tantra and Ayurveda teaching at the heart of each practice. Yoga alike Tantra is the balancing of the masculine and feminine energy within your own body.

Happy helping people to find there path back to health with herbal and nutrient support, techniques for overcoming stress, affirmations and ayurvedic lifestyle advise.